Chapter Holds Insightful October Dinner Meeting and Mini-Session
Fixed Income Investment Strategies and State Tax Considerations Presented
The Chapter’s October Dinner Meeting presented Members with an insightful presentation featuring investment strategies for fixed income securities. The afternoon Mini-Session featured an informative presentation centered on regional income tax considerations and the implications for banks in the tri-state area. The event was held in Hackensack, NJ on Wednesday, October 15 at the Stony Hill Inn.
Dinner speaker Phil Nussbaum, Performance Trust University, presented A Framework for Measuring Fixed Income Risk.
Past Chapter President John Klimowich lead the traditional invocation prior to the full course dinner.
Chapter Members prepare to enjoy the full course antipasto dinner.
The festive cocktail hour offered Chapter Members the opportunity to enjoy their favorite beverage, relax with colleagues and sample an endless selection of tasty hors d’oeuvres served by the Stony Hill Inn staff. Attendees then enjoyed a sumptuous full-course Italian antipasto dinner.

Fred James, tax partner with KPMG, presented a local tax update during the afternoon mini-session prior to the cocktail hour. Fred is an expert on financial institution taxation and has previously spoken to the Chapter membership on this important topic. Fred addressed a number of key issues affecting financial institutions with particular emphasis on state and local taxation in the tri-state area. He discussed the factors that affect the taxation of receipts received by an institution from a customer in another state also known as “nexus”. He noted that most states have adopted “market sourcing”, but not all. Accordingly, Fred pointed out that loan interest could be taxed by two states since not all states have the same rules. He noted that New York State has adopted market sourcing, however New York City has not. Fred addressed a number of questions regarding nexus for New Jersey based banks. For example, Fred stated that a New Jersey based loan for an out-of-state bank is generally considered to be New Jersey source income.

While Members enjoyed coffee and dessert following the full-course dinner, A Framework for Measuring Fixed Income Risk was presented by Phil Nussbaum, Co-Founder of Performance Trust University. Phil conducted a lively classroom style course designed to challenge the “student’s” thought process. Phil defined a framework for fixed-income decision making with an emphasis on how financial managers should successfully evaluate future investment risk. He gave specific examples of investment alternatives primarily in regard to investments in mortgage-backed securities typically found in the portfolio of local community banks. He discussed several investment models that challenged the traditional methods of measuring risk when evaluating a mortgage-backed securities portfolio. Phil answered several challenging questions from the Members in attendance.

Topics and Speakers

A Framework for Measuring
Fixed-Income Risk

Eric Segal FMS Photo
Phil Nussbaum
Chairman and Co-Founder
Performance Trust University

State Tax Reform Legislation Affecting NY/NJ Banks

Asaad Faquir Photo
Fred James
Partner State/Local Tax Practice

Fred James, Partner from KPMG, presented an informative state and local tax update at the afternoon mini-session.
Chapter Members listen attentively to the tax update at the mini-session prior to the cocktail hour.
Chapter President Andriette Mathews (l.) smiles with Miriam Montagne after the Members and Officers thanked Miriam for her dedication to the Chapter for her role in assisting the Treasurer.
Chris Schroller (l.) smiles with John Klimowich as she prepares to share a tasty antipasto platter!