Ben Plotkin Featured Speaker at January Meeting
Business Process Management Presented at Mini-Session
Ben Plotkin, Executive Vice President and Vice Chairman of Stifel Nicolaus Weisel presented New Jersey Banking in 2013: Challenges and Opportunities at the Chapter’s January Dinner Meeting. The event was held on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at the Stony Hill Inn in Hackensack, NJ. Mr. Plotkin is an experienced and well respected banking industry analyst and has been a featured speaker at industry meetings on the regional and national levels including a number of previous Chapter meetings.

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Featured dinner speaker Ben Plotkin from Stifel Nicolaus Weisel presented New Jersey Banking in 2013: Challenges and Opportunities.

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Ben Plotkin Photo
Ben Plotkin discusses challenges facing the banking industry during the January Dinner Meeting.

Ben presented an overview of the current overall trends and economic factors in the banking industry as well as those affecting New Jersey institutions. He provided a brief history of the U.S. banking system and focused on the historic financial crises affecting the industry from 1985 to the present.

Ben defined the following factors as the most significant faced by banks today:

·         Financial and valuation challenges;

·         Customer and demographics challenges;

·         Distribution channels challenges;

·         Overcapacity challenges;

·         Business Model challenges;

·         Regulatory challenges;

He then compared recent trends in the banking industry for institutions headquartered in New Jersey with institutions nationwide. Ben pointed out that super regional banks entering the New Jersey market over the past ten years have dramatically changed the banking landscape for community banks. The number of New Jersey banks in the top 25 banks in the nation has been reduced by nearly 50%. He noted that the migration has largely been toward money center banks, reducing the market share for community banks.

Ben concisely summarized recent industry operating and valuation trends for New Jersey Banks. He discussed the future for merger and acquisition and capital offering trends including the strategic alternatives available for banks. Ben concluded his presentation by offering his “Prescription for the Banking Industry.” He emphasized the need to maintain sufficient capital to withstand the “evolutionary period”, adopt a variable expense formula and be involved in “consolidation”.

The afternoon Mini-Session featured an insightful and contemporary presentation entitled Business Process Management and Process Automation. The session was provided by David Rubin, National Director-Management Consulting, from the management firm of CohnReznick in Roseland.

David discussed how the typical bank’s workflow process can become a “Maze of Process Inefficiency” and noted how the “Power of Process Improvement” can result in increased service levels, greater efficiency, increased customer loyalty and improved margins. He noted how new technology is changing the customer’s perspective and expectations. Banks must utilize effective business process management to leverage technology to improve inefficiency, reduce cost and minimize risk.

Topics and Speakers

New Jersey Banking in 2013:
Challenges and Opportunities

Ben Plotkin Photo
Ben Plotkin
Executive Vice President
and Vice Chairman

Stifel Nicolaus Weisel
973 549-4025

Slide Presentation

Business Process Mamangement and Process Automation

David Rubin Photo
David Rubin, Principal
National Director – Management Consulting
973 871-4021

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January Dinner Meeting Photo
Chapter Members closely follow the dinner presentation by Ben Plotkin.